#Testify! Difficulty In Trusting The Bible

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Although I considered myself to be a serious born again,I secretly would not tell anyone that I could not trust the Bible.When you cannot trust the God’s spiritual contract to the human race, your faith in Jesus Christ and your love for the Heavenly father on a very shaky foundation,though I didn’t realize it at the time.

I stayed home from church on that Sunday morning and for some unexpected reason a felt a nudge to read the New Testament. Usually I would not study it passage by passage. I would skip the first books or go to the book that interests me.

I read through Revelations…then suddenly the lights went on inside my head. A revelation the every day Bible that collects dust on many people’s book shelves and coffee tables is actually  Jesus Christ in print and it blew my mind. I came across this verse and it changed my way of thinking:

“And He is clothed with a robe dipped in blood,and His name is called The Word of God”

I pondered who is this person called the Word of God? Curiosity took hold of me,then I turned to Revelation 1:1. I realized it was Jesus Christ it was talking about. He is God along with the Father and the Holy spirit, how can He be anything other than inspired? From that day forward I was able to trust every word and passage in the printed bible.

In addition, I tell you what..every time I read my bible now I know God is speaking to m. You cannot open the understand without Him communicating what God wants you to learn when you know its God Himself you are reading.

If you have a difficulty believing the bible, may this personal encounter change your life.#Testify! Difficulty In Trusting The Bible

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