#Daily Devotion: Little As You Are

#Daily Devotion: Little As You Are
Photo credit: Nexofin

Isaiah 60:22 declares, “A little one shall become a thousand, and a small one a strong nation: I the LORD will hasten it in his time.”


How I once was discouraged; how I saw everyone around me that I previously went to school with overtake me by miles. I then soon discovered that many shared this sentiment; you know that feeling when you look around and it seems the grass is always a little greener next door, yet the same rain falls on both estates. Jesus did not come in the mature form of a grown man nor was born in a paradise-like garden, as did the first Adam, to prove the grace message given to the little guy. I quickly discovered that the Bible was a love letter written to the underdog, the little guy, the one that is discouraged. Child of God, I hear a joyous celebration coming to your house, as little as you are.

In Luke 7: 41 to 43, Christ speaks of two men having debts unto their creditor, one owing five hundred pence and the other fifty. Both men having nothing to pay are then forgiven by the creditor; thus Christ asks Simon, which one will love the master more. Simon rightly answers that it is the one of whom much is forgiven. Beloved, your insignificance by yourself is what will bring a far weightier glory to your victory in Christ. I heard a rumour in the spirit this morning, that in this next season, God is not looking for the self confident but the one labelled the underdog of his generation, to manifest a work of grace over their lives.

And so I declare as I stand in the shoes of the Apostolic; by reason of the revelation you carry, Goliath will fall; little as you are…