God, Our Source of Life

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God is mighty; there is nothing He cannot do

God is the creator; He created everything that dwells on the earth

God is love, His loving arms are wide open to embrace us all

God is light, He shines on us

God is gracious, He blesses without any reservations

God is merciful, His love endures forever

God is our comforter; He comforts us through life’s hardships

God is our provider; He gives abundantly according to our needs

God is our rock; with God we stand firm over life’s storms

God is faithful; He walks with us all the time

God is our dwelling place, He keeps us safe

God is power; He gives us strength to keep carrying on

God forgives; He forgives and washes away our sins

God is eternity, He is everlasting

God is life; life itself evolves from the Mighty Great God


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