#DailyDevotion: ​The Struggles Of The God-Kind Pt 3

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For so long as we live in this fallen world, to every man is appointed an hour of darkness. The problem we face as Christians is we have been taught the gospel of the end result, but not-so-much the blessed process by which our prophetic destinies are realised. The hour of darkness came upon Jesus and even those closest to him did not stand in prayer with him. In his greatest hour of darkness, he had his only encounter and experience in being separated from the presence of God. You too may be going through your personal hour of darkness, where all your friends have departed and you feel separated from God. Child of God, there is hope for you yet! Jesus says in verse 11 of John 18,

 “…the cup which my Father hath given me, shall I not drink it?” 

This stands to reason that this cup of suffering was given to him by God. To every man is appointed an hour of darkness, but our victory is in Christ!
For more insight on The Struggles Of The God-Kind, join us in Zimre Park, for our first Sunday Fellowship. 

Stephanie Kapfunde

Stephanie Kapfunde


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