Today in Christian History: Koldewey Verified the Bible from Babylon

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Throughout 1898 and the early part of 1899 Robert Koldewey reconnoitred the ancient city of Babylon. Being a brilliant architect and archaeologist, Koldewey headed the digging. With the sponsorship of German Oriental Society, Koldewey began the expedition. On this date, March 23, 1899, he began excavation in earnest on the east side of the mound of Kasr.

Digging with 200 workers, Koldewey soon wrote excitedly of great finds. He uncovered the enormous walls of Babylon, so wide four spans of horses could drive abreast. Babylon had been enormous, larger than any other citadel known to history. Nebuchadnezzar’s name was on all the bricks.

Koldewey unearthed the base of a tower on which King Nabopolassar claims, “At that time Marduk [the god] commanded me to build the Tower of Babel. Wherever Koldewey turned his spade, he turned up verification of things the Bible said. This included information about the great kings and empires that once existed in the Mideast and Josephut mention of the hanging gardens of Babylon.

The archaeological discovered the Gate of Ishtar, this was from Babylon’s defensive entrance street. On either side of this sunken road, walls rose up forty feet and had a line of 120 stone reliefs. The reliefs had yellow lions against blue tile. In addition, a basket full of 300 cuneiform tablets was part of the discovery.

The cuneiform verified Biblical text, listing the supplies given to king Jehoiachin of Judah. It was a welcome find as critics scoffed at the Bible as unhistorical. Koldewey dug up more than Babylon. He dug up priceless data that help us better understand God’s word.

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