Testify! God Sent Me An Angel

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One day, I came home with shame all over my body and soul. I could not stand my reflection when I looked into the mirror, I just did not see the reason of living. I felt like I was a failure and the worst person in man’s existence. The feeling of God being disappointed in me haunted me and I did not blame him. I would get whatever thrown at me.

That night I fell asleep and I dreamed. I was in a dark place filled with sorrow and pain. The devil took the privilege of playing with my happiness and joy. The remorse in my eyes and the pain in my face felt so real.

A man approached me with a white suit. In disbelieve I denied he was an Angel thought I knew he was. He told me he was sad, that I should not feel like I feel, and God does not see shame in me. Shame does not exist in God’s eyes when he sees me. He told me my future and what I should be doing, and then blessed me with three gifts, still now I am not sure what those gifts are.

We talked and he took me to a happy place that was filled with joy I ever been. I woke with tears of joy in the morning. After that day my life, thoughts, and faith has changed drastically. Still today, I think of the Angel God sent me. I tell myself I need to stay happy and faithful, that is what he said.

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