There Is Power In His Hands

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God works in mysterious ways and His hands have power over your life. Do you remember when God separated the waters for the children of Israel to walk on dry land (Joshua 4:23-24). This same God can separate you from all your troubles and problems. As we journey in life, sometimes we lose hope as we face hardships but today the Lord promises you a new beginning. Only is it possible if you have faith and hope in life.

The children of Israel crossed the river Jordan, so truly His mighty hand has power over your life. He fights for you and protect you. In the scriptures it says if you have Him, who can be against you. So no matter how strong the winds of distractions, He has the power to change the course of wind. Things may not be moving accordingly but do not worry, pray and wait upon the Lord to act.

The devil have made you cry for so long, things are not moving but just ask the Lord to wave His hand. Surely, a new dimension will take shape in your life. Do not underestimate His grace, ask for it and it shall be given as the bible says. His hand makes the impossible be possible, He can move every mountains in your life. Be a person of prayer and stay hopefully, if the Lord walked with the children of Israel and worked wonders. Then let Him walk with you in  your life and experience the power of His Hands.


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