Salvation Army Mobilises For Tsholotsho Disaster


Salvation Army Mobilises For Tsholotsho Disaster



The Salvation Army Matabeleland Division is actively involved in assisting scores of villagers who were displaced and left homeless in Sipepa area, Tsholotsho, following the heavy rains that pounded the flood-prone district recently.

Salvation Army Mobilises For Tsholotsho Disaster Currently the distraught victims who were rescued from the marauding floods have been placed at a makeshift tent campsite, unsure of what their tomorrow will be like – with nothing to constitute ‘as a home’…
All their life long belongings were swept away.

While various arms of government and civic society are working on short, medium and long term solutions to address this plight, the Matabeleland Salvation Army is sincerely pleading for your hand of generosity and render assistance by donating towards Sipepa plight.

One of the members said,

“It’s true the region was devastated with the most damage in Tsholotsho, Huwana, Mazeya, Masiye Camp – the bridge close to the camp was washed away, Umguza and parts of Lupane. In the long-term, communities will need cement to assist in building strong foundations for their huts, there’s also a need for psychosocial support training, restocking of livestock and sanitation support in building toilets. To date, we’ve developed a concept note on the disaster and we hope to get donors to support this initiative.”

Donations can be in the form of clothes, blankets food stuffs, utensils, sanitation, toiletry, cash etc.
You can leave your donation to any nearest Corps or bring your donation to the DHQ, Major Joseph Madyanenzara, the Divisional Director of Public Relations, Captain Paul Mudede or the DYO, Lt. Levi Gomera.
All donations should be at the DHQ by 28 March 2017

Remember – ‘Where there is need, there is The Salvation Army’.

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