The Dimensions of Joy

With Pastor Ray

Dimensions of Joy

The Bible declares in Psalms 34:1,

“I will bless the LORD at all times: his praise shall continually be in my mouth.”

The first portion of this passage of scripture reveals to us, how that blessing the Lord at ALL times is mandated of every believer. I have seen and witnessed the power of spoken words, to the degree that whenever you would be having a good day and a mere word in the wrong direction is spoken, it carries the potential to disintegrate every trace of happiness that was within you. But I thank God, inasmuch as happiness is good, there is another supernatural level in God called joy. Happiness is something you feel inside that can be contained or shown at will, but joy is an unwavering force that when it comes upon a man’s life, it cannot be packaged nor hidden. This joy is what drives the ability of a believer to bless the Lord at ALL times!!!

The continued-portion of Psalms 34:1 declares:

“His praise shall continually be in my mouth.”

This therefore reveals that blessing the Lord is not merely a matter of a heart to heart, yet bearing the absence of words. In order to generate a joyful spirit in your life, it is crucial that you learn to prevail daily in the war of words. The two primary ways that this can be achieved is: one, learning to make positive confessions over your own life thereby silencing the voice of the enemy. The 2nd way is to surround yourself with a circle of people that make positive and Word-based declarations over your life. The 3rd and extra one; of which grace has already fallen upon you, in that you have gone ahead of this teaching, is to subscribe to Hallelujah Mag Daily Devotion here!

Let heaven hear the sound of your rejoice!!!