All Beautiful Things Take Time To Grow

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“In the same way I will not cause pain without allowing something new to be born,” says the Lord.” Isaiah 66:9

It took me hopping onto the scale when I had gone for my annual Medical Check-up to realise that I was in fact obese. Things had really gone out of hand. I was a total mess; my mind, body and spirit were suffering. I knew I had to do something about it. I was depressed and using food and alcohol as a coping mechanism. The year was the year 2014 and it was also the same year I told myself I had to do everything in my power to get happy and healthy. I acknowledged that I had problems and that I had to deal with them .At that time the best way I could think of was through exercise. The beginning of my transformation was the motivation I needed to look forward to each day with brand new enthusiasm. I tell you, it was not easy at all!

I wanted to join a gym but the fees were too expensive but after doing some research I decided I would exercise from home and set daily targets and thus the journey towards making the most of what I had around me to lose weight, started. I tried out most forms of At-home Workouts and finally settled for running. I remember my very first run, I didn’t even last 500 metres. I was so sure this was going to be the last day I would ever attempt it. However, I had promised myself I would give my weight loss journey all or nothing and each day I would do better than the day before. First I ran 500 metres rather a combination of walking and jogging. I managed a whole 500 metres without stopping then in time I got to 1 kilometre and I was very excited.

All Beautiful Things Take Time To GrowI then realised that it was going to take some time but it certainly wasn’t impossible to reach my goal. One would think all the aches and pains I felt in my body would have been a sure reason to stop but I kept pushing and reminding myself why I was doing this. I remembered the story of Jacob in Genesis Chapter 29. It continually strengthened my spirit knowing that Jacob worked for 7 years of his life only to be tricked into marrying Leah. Had he had a half baked kind of love for Rachel he would have settled for Leah but because his love was strong he pushed himself to work 7 more years for the one he truly loved. In the same way, I could have easily looked for shortcuts to lose weight but it would have yielded instant gratification with little or no growth in other aspects of my life.



At first this new path I found myself on was solely for weight loss but as time went on, I realised that the amount of mental strength that this new path required also challenged all the other aspects of my life. Fitness encompasses your mind, body and soul. Once you get started you will not only physically look different but you will look at life differently. From the food you eat, the friends you spend your time with, the quality of conversations you choose to have with your family and the things you share on social media platforms.

I can testify to how living a healthy life has not only changed my life but the lives of those around me as well. What started off as a journey just for me has grown into something that gives me so much happiness because I know God is not through with me yet! Bi-weekly, I am going to share with you tips on how to make healthy living a fun and exciting choice and not a mammoth task. My favourite go to Bible verse is Ecclesiastes 3:11 which reads “Everything is made beautiful in its time.” In the same way I believe your mind, body and soul will be made rich with self confidence one day at a time.

I am Fitness Bae, welcome to Fit-Aware 3:11 a Health & Fitness Column

The greatest blessing will come to you when you ask God to use you to touch the lives of others.
-Stormie Omartian

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