Valentine’s Day: Prophet Angel Urges Congregation To Spoil Their Partners

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The Good News Church leader prophet Uebert Angel is a firm believer of Valentine’s Day.

Last year, he bought his wife a sleek Lamboghini and this year he has given room to his followers to spoil their partners ahead of the day or else he will ‘steal’ the fame again.

He said he will give them a few days before he replies leaving many speculating what he will be getting his wife this time around.




One of his followers suggested that the prophet might be getting his wife an island.

Posting on his official Instagram account, the man of cloth had an image with a rose and candles with a caption, “Valentine’s Day is approaching. Please people don’t leave me to Steal it again like I did last year when I bought my wife the LAMBORGHINI.  So this time I will give you a few days to bless your God given partners and then I reply.”

Source: Prophet Angel on Valentine’s

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