Handling Valentine’s Day in a New Relationship

Handling Valentines in a New Relationship


Valentine’s Day has always been that time of the year; an equally stressful time for both the single and those wrapped in the big fuzzy blanket of love. It is especially challenging for those treading on the waters of newfound love.

Here are a few tips on how to handle things.

Talk about it

Now I do not mean sit them down and interrogate all the nerves out of them, this will definitely scare them away. In as much as it easier to pretend that this fateful day does not exist, dealing with the awkward is going to be much worse. The two greatest fears are taking it too seriously and scaring them away, and not talking about it at all leaving them questioning where this whole thing is headed.

Bring up the topic in a its-not-a-big-deal-but-it-is-kinda-huge way. Find a way to weave it into a conversation and decide whether you guys want to recognize this event or save it for the next year.

Either way, knowing where you stand is way better.

Do not expect too much. Be realistic.

With the rising social media norm of sharing what is currently taking place #baegoals may be one you would also like to participate in. But slow down a little, there is already so much pressure on your partner and on your new relationship. Try not to expect too much; a vacation in Malibu may not be on the decks just yet. Also, try not to be too disappointed if you do not get anything extravagant, sometimes it really is the thought that counts.

Get something Small and Thoughtful

Trust me; there is no better time to be very thoughtful and completely sweet in a relationship than when it is in its early stages. You could get them gifts ranging from their favourite candy bar to a collection of their favourite book/movie series.

Show them that you have been paying attention and that you actually do care even about the smallest stuff. Yes, the teenager in you still lives.

Do Something Light

So you have decided to spend Valentine’s Day together and you are almost bursting at the seams & your brain is aching trying to figure what would be perfect.

You do not want anything too over the top because you are still getting to know each other.

Find a place you are both comfortable; nowhere too secluded because you do not want to be doing anything you will eventually regret (you-know-what). You could opt to stay at home and watch a movie; a comedy perhaps to get rid of the awkward. Or go to a concert of your favourite bands/a musician you both like.

Make your Own Plans

Just in case Valentine’s Day falls through for you, or you have come to the mutual decision of not acknowledging this day, yet.

You should have a plan B; decide on what you are going to be doing. And by this I do not mean sit by the phone and wait praying that your significant other has change their mind.

Go out with your girls or spend this time with your family (yes, these sound sad) but surrounding yourself with love is still goals for Valentine’s.

Sit back, Relax and Enjoy the Day

Even though the story is not the happiest, Valentine’s is still a day to celebrate love in all its forms. Grant yourself the gift of peace of mind and make the most of the hours.