The New Face of Diabetes; Signs, Symptoms & Prevention

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For years there has been a picture, a body rather to the type of person who was prone to having Diabetes; heavy and inactive. Someone with zero regards for what they ingest and couldn’t care less about a five minute walk.

And that is what 27 year old Tatenda* thought before being diagnosed with prediabetes. She was not big, if anything she had a body most women would consider the average for a healthy individual, lean and tall, she had an athletic build and looked as healthy as could be. It took a black out for her to discover a new condition called “Skinny Fat”.

Thin Outside, Fat Inside

Dr Jimmy Bell coined this acronym to describe people who are thin and unhealthy.

You may know a few individuals like this, they eat whatever they want- cake, coke, pasta- and drown in energy drinks. It just never seems to get to them!

These are the skinny fat people; the Thin Outside, Fat Inside people. What happens with this group of individuals is that the fat in their bodies gathers around the middle and they carry all the extra weight around the belly.

Research has revealed that skinny fat people should be more worried about their health than obese people because they are at higher risk of getting diabetes and be unaware. Unlike obese people who already the repercussions for their state for being; skinny fat people have no idea what is going in their body. Even though they are lean on the outside, their insides behave like they are obese.

The TOFI epidemic has resulted in a number of complications, i.e. insulin resistance which leads to type II diabetes and heart disease. Also collection of fat around the organs, high cholesterol and poor blood circulation.

Ways to Stop being Skinny Fat and possibly save yourself from Diabetes

Overcoming this begins with your diet. Eating healthy is not only for those who already have health problems. They do say prevention is better than cure.

So change your diet. Stop eating foods with too much sugar, say no to soft drinks and kiss junk food cravings goodbye. The artificial sweeteners in these mess with your body’s chemicals and cause an imbalance. Artificial sweeteners are just as bad as fried food.

Incorporate more foods with Omega-3 in your diet e.g. soybeans, spinach and salmons. Omega-3 helps reduce blood pressure and stabilizes/lowers cholesterol.

Regular exercises are recommended for a healthy lifestyle. Unlike what most people think it does not to be intense gym sessions because skinny fat people already have lean arm and leg muscle. Regular walks, cycling or sprinting help burn the fat.

There are so many risks that we overlook or are clueless about just because we assume that slim people have it all figured out and are healthy. Sticking to a healthy nutrition and regular workout plan will help fight and prevent diabetes at an early age.

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