We Spoke To Christian Hip Hop Artist PROPHECY 

His story is bitter-sweet but Ngonidzashe Mavera does not want you to feel sorry for him. Instead he wants people to join him praise and spread the Gospel – through Rap!, This gentleman was formerly DatKiddPro whose two singles Hatikoko Ikoko and Kumusha are on high rotation on most major radio stations. Now better known as Prophecy he is dropping his debut album Mask Off on the 5th of November 2016 in Harare.


Prophecy ZimbabweThis is a highly anticipated album, mainly because of the time it has takenProphecy to put it together which is over 3 years. However his introductory single Hatikoko Ikoko tore all sectors of the music sector. Prophecy wants to spread the Word through a medium that people can relate to.

Source: We Spoke To Prophecy About His Upcoming Album MASK OFF – #ENTHUSE